The project Nonatu telling us about the relationship between people from different cultural patterns and nature. Living in the cities all over the world people transform urban flora and fauna. Ilya spent several time in the city exploring what people «left» after themselves. The process was much similar to archaeological study based on pottery


Whitestone Installetion + Digital prints Installation with 7 ant hills. In each of them he lodged ants with egg-laying queen: 3 types MYRMICA RUBRA and 4 types LASIUS NIGER. In the middle of this turned-out system he established a column to which of each ant hill he carried out a cable. On the place of

Collection of pink book

Collection of pink book Collection of Pink book is a direct reference to the IUCN Red List. But Pink book contains wide-known biological species and that’s the obvious difference. Pink book itself wouldn’t exist without the character of Explorer. The person of Explorer observed modern biological data and evaluated the risk of extinction of each

23 Sanatoriums

23 sanatoriums Threads, heracleums, 2014 In 2014 Ilya made an installation in thrown building of sanatorium of the XIX century in the village not far from New Riga highway. The room which many years ago was intended for people rest and treatment he filled in 23 dried-up heracleum plants of the giant size. Heracleum plant

Unalive Corner

  Unalive corner Glass, mortar, plants, plastic, earth, 2015 Work on segmentation of habitual space into component parts. And about trying to preserve the whole by preserving the parts. Неживой уголок Стекло, раствор, растения, пластик, земля, 2015 Работа о сегментации привычного пространства на составные части. И о попытки сохранения целого путем сохранения частей.

Death of Minister

Death of Minister 2016 Смерть Министра 2016 4 года назад я купил две муравьиные матки. Их я купил одновременно.  Это матки муравья жнеца, при покупки они находятся в пробирке инкубаторе, обычно одни с яйцами или 2-3 рабочими. Первую матку я назвал Мизиано она была одна и долго не несла яйца, мне просто очень нравится, как


Zenit Paper, print, pen, 2015 An idea of creation of unique eco-system, placed in the thrown building of business-center «Zenit» in the south west of Moscow was taken as the basis of this project. Scientists which have to be attracted will create in this space balanced conditions for existence of many live organisms – plants,

533 Sisters

  533 sisters Paper, ink, petri dish, ants, 2014 The forming process of new Ant Hill consists of some stages. First of all in old Ant Hill male impregnates queen-female with millions of spermatozoa. After that hatched young ants take off their Ant Hill. At the same time other newborn ants also take off their

Organs transformation

Organs transformation Installation Paper, plastic, thread, glass, 120 x 20 cm, 2014 The basis of the work were taken cocoon butterfly Attacus atlas 24 cm (one of the largest butterflies in the world and seems a bit like a penice.  Artist thinking about monipulations with genetals…