Performance moth and bat

The Moth and the Bat Flying to the Light». The artist explores the subject of the “other” and the friend/foe limits. He is concerned to know how these statuses come to be in society – both in terms of social interaction and physical. 

As the name of the project implies, the starting points for the artistic research are the images of a moth and a bat. Ilya attempts to discover how tolerance levels between the animal and human communities interrelate. For instance, a butterfly is a symbol of gender transition, as this insect transfigures not only in terms of its looks, but its brain and the digestive system change completely, too. Watching bats, they’ve noticed that differently colored animals become outcasts in the colony.

The artist extrapolates this case to people and building choreography based on movements of the moths and bats trying to made humans into the «creature» without social, gender, and any other identity.