The Moth and The Bat Flying to The Light

Video installation — 10 min (3 and 1 channel version)

‘The Moth and The Bat Flying to The Light’ is an artistic project telling the story of the Other from the perspective of human and animal. The artist is interested in the limits of ‘one’s own’ and ‘someone else’s’ as well as the mechanism of this opposition in the human community at both the social and physical levels. As the title of the project implies, the images of the moth and the bat are the starting points for the artistic investigation. The animal world becomes a metaphor for processes within the human community and represents the self-sufficient yet fragile world of the Other.

The artist created this project inspired by his Paris-based friend’s story. For a long time, she had been breeding butterflies and moths, literally living together with them in a small flat. At that moment, she was going through gender transitioning and had been taking hormones. Once, she forgot to dispose of the used ampoule, and the insects showed a vivid interest in the medicine: they were stuck all over the flask trying to drink the remaining fluid with their proboscises. This is how the artist came to think of a butterfly as a metaphor of transformation and transition, this particular insect being able to totally reincarnate, twice changing not only its body but also its brain. Such a metamorphosis within one species seems incredible and magical, especially if you think of it in terms of a human being.